The Mexican Caribbean Beer

Craft beer of the highest quality, made with heart and natural ingredients,
seeking to promote good times, offering quality service and reliable.

For a beer culture in Quintana Roo . #yotomoakumal

In 2012 The Independent Brewing Co was born (creators of “Akumal Beer" which by its acronym TIBC means Tijuana Baja California). 
What was a hobby became the first brewery in Playa del Carmen, Solidaridad.

our commitment

Making beer is an art and our commitment to the consumer is simply deliver the best, that is why we guarantee that all our products are made with ingredients of the highest quality and love.


We have a strong commitment with our mother earth, therefore we do everything in our power to avoid harming it more, our bottles are returnable, the cardboard boxes are made of recycled material, we only use environment friendly cleaners, we have never used or will use any animal origin ingredients for our beers.


Our beers are made with malt, water, yeast, hops, and once in a while we explore with one or other local ingredient.

Our Beers

english robust porter

This is a Mexican version of the classic Porter style,  we only use american and german hops, it is crafted it from a blend of roasted and crystallized malts that give a smooth coffee chocolate profile.

American Pale Ale

Fresh, golden color, crafted with german and american hops, rounded out  with a blend of german malts creating an unique beer witch is extremely drinkable like a lager yet complex the way a craft beer should be.


Turtle says goodbye like the great ones but first it inspired us to make our third beer, which meet the market in mid December 2014.

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